LED Head Light (HL 3W)

Battery-cum-Power operated LED Head Light (HL 3W) :

This head light can be used by electricity and battery (rechargeable) where power frequency is inadequate or infrequent.

This unit is easy to carry and has a bright white light. Very useful in examining / post operative / bed ridden patients. Even operations like tonsilectomy and septoplasty can be performed easily. Simple procedures can be done at OPD, camps, PHS & CHS.

Cost effectiveness can be judged from the fact that it uses bulky light sources, fibre optic cables and does not need continuous power supply.

Specifications :

Forced Air Cooling System in Head Band and Endoscopy Light
Built-in Dual Power System (Electric & Battery) in the processor
Lamp Life : 5,000 hours (minimum)
Color temperature : 3500 degree K or more
Built-in battery recharging system in the processor
Light Adjustment for all four directions in head light
Easy mounting for endoscopes
Light transmission : Without fibre optic cable from processor

Utilities :

This LED Head Light has multi-disciplinary applications :

Plastic Surgery
General Surgery

It is widely used in Camps, for Out Door Patients, Bed Ridden Patients & Emergency cases. Few Surgical procedures may also involve the use of Head Light.