LED Head Light (HL 5W)


Battery-cum-Power operated LED Head Light (HL 5W) :

Imported 5W LED headlight is used for general surgery, ENT, Neurosurgery and other simple operation. It can be used for industrial purposes as well.

Features :

It uses high quality material so as to achieve an excellent illuminating effect
The head loop is adjustable
Provision for high capacity battery, which makes the headlight work at high intensity for a longer time
Intensity control for adjusting the brightness according to your need
Aperture control to control the focus
Voltage: 95 to 240V
LED power is 5W
Color temperature is 6,000°K
Intensity is 55,000 Lx
Battery working hours are 3 hours, charge time is 3 hours
Comes along with two rechargeable batteries