Colposcope OPTO

Type Galilean
Binocular Inclined 45 degree
Objective F = 300 mm
Eyepiece 12.5x wide field high eye point
Magnification 2.7x, 4x, 6.7x, 10.7x & 16x
Illumination Cold light thr' Fibre
Light Source Optic light guide Reflector type halogen lamp
Bulb 15 v / 150 w
Light intensity 90,000 lux max.
Power supply 230v 50Hz single phase AC
Penta arm adjustment 500 mm
Rotation 0 - 360 degree
Mobility Movable on 5 castor wheel

Note : Beam Splitter is necessary when either camera or observation tube is attached

Features :
  • High resolution and wide field optical system having exceptional depth of field
  • Built in axial illumination system with bright light spot
  • A smooth drum selector offers choice of five different magnification lens setting to suit any observation or microsurgery requirement
Optional Accessories :
  • Beam splitter assembly - easily installable
  • T.V. relay lens system
  • Monocular demonstration tube
  • Stand - Table mounted
  • Stand - wall mounted
  • Motorised foot switch controlled fine focussing
  • Objectives : F = 250 mm / F = 300 mm / F = 400 mm

* Design & specifications are subject to change due to constant improvement